Writing About Entertaiment


The word entertaiment means to amuse or divert. Entertainment continues to evolve and can be found on any scale from a private party with personalized music and food for two; to an elaborate dinner and dancing for an entire banquet hall; to performances for thousands of people or even global audiences. Entertainment also often combines necessary skills, such as cooking or fencing, with pleasure to provide enjoyment for larger audiences.

For example, a celebrity chef may host a fundraiser for cancer research and educate diners on his new cookbook. The fusion of entertainment and education provides the audience with a satisfying experience, while helping to solve an important issue in our society.

When writing an article on entertainers or events, ask the 5 W’s (who, where, when, why, and how) to get your reader engaged. Research biographical information about your subject to create a compelling story for your audience. Also watch your subject on television talk shows to catch his or her entertaining flair. This is especially important if you’re unable to conduct an interview with your subject.