What is Law New?

Law new is a term for an official new rule or regulation made by a legislative body such as Congress. It is an official change in the way things must be done within a state or country. Often times, laws are proposed and debated, then finally agreed on and approved by the legislature. They then become public laws, also known as statutes, and they enter into effect at a certain time or date. This is much like how students will propose different ideas for a group project, discuss them with others and then ultimately vote on one idea which will be the final decision for everyone to follow.

Lawmakers in states across the nation are putting into place 2023 legislation with effective dates ranging from the quirky to the serious. The fresh laws cover a wide range of policy areas, with many of the laws addressing topics currently dominating American discourse.

A state’s governor won’t have as easy a time enacting and extending a COVID-19 state of emergency under a new law. The state’s General Assembly passed a measure that requires the governor to get formal support from several executive officials in order to declare a state of emergency that lasts longer than 30 days.

The House of Representatives is working to change how it selects judicial clerks. The goal is to create a more diverse and inclusive environment.

NYU Law alumna Sandra Park ’02 was honored as the Alumna of the Year by NYU Law Women in February 22 at an event in Lipton Hall. Park has been a driving force in helping to advance the role of women in the legal profession.