Law New

Law new is a legal term that describes new laws and rules in areas where the law changes rapidly. New law may be the result of changes in legislation, court decisions or administrative rules. It can also refer to innovative strategies for reaching clients or delivering services that have not been part of the legal landscape before. These approaches may be used by solo or small firm lawyers as well as by in-house counsel and government attorneys.

This Article introduces a novel approach to the analysis of legal change that focuses on law’s ability to adapt to changing economic conditions and social needs. It develops a theory of “adaptive law” that is designed to complement the traditional view of law as an instrument of stability and predictability. The Article illustrates the adaptive law hypothesis by applying it to three recent developments in the law of property: bankruptcy reform, environmental protection and intellectual property.

The growth of the global economy has triggered an unprecedented expansion in the scope of legal regulations, bringing together a host of disparate legal fields in a complex web of rules that govern everything from the distribution of wealth to the conduct of business. This expansion has created significant new opportunities for lawyers. But it has also presented challenges to the profession, in which change is constant and often difficult to predict. The challenges are not only technical but also philosophical and ethical, with ramifications for the entire legal system.

A new law will put more transparency on the salaries of many California workplaces by requiring employers to list salary ranges in job postings. But intense business opposition blocked provisions that would have required companies to publish data broken down by position, gender and race, and some specialists question how much difference the law will make.

Local Law 191 of 2021

A Local Law to require that a person with a supervisory license be present at a pushcart for its entire operation, and to establish a dedicated vending law enforcement unit within DCWP.

Local Law 184 of 2021

A local law to amend the city’s laws related to eviction proceedings for nonpayment of rent, and to provide for a special procedure in cases where the tenant is disabled or otherwise unable to defend against an eviction action.

Local Law 221 of 2021

A bill to limit the number of new tobacco retail dealer licenses available for sale in each community district and require that any newly-issued permit holder have a background check to sell cigarettes.

This Local Law amends the City’s existing law on data breach notification requirements to align them with the requirements in New York State’s SHIELD Act. It will also clarify and expand certain definitions to increase their consistency with State law. The new law will require that City agencies that suffer a data breach involving the private identifying information of persons promptly disclose the breaches to those affected and to the public.