How to Get Your Daily News From Digital Sources

daily news

Daily news is a key way to stay informed about the world around you. It provides you with important details about your country, city, and community that you might not otherwise know, allowing you to be an informed citizen and make smart decisions.

While many people turn to the traditional media for their daily news fix, there are a variety of digital tools that can help you get the latest headlines quickly and easily. From email newsletters to mobile apps, there are several ways to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in your world.

theSkimm (or Skim) is a daily email newsletter that offers pithy, nonpartisan summaries with a bit of humor and sass. Their morning email is packed with a wide range of topics and covers everything from the weather to politics.

Pulse, a company that recently merged with LinkedIn, is a great resource for professionals who want to keep up with what’s going on in their industry. The app combines industry news with your LinkedIn connections to deliver timely updates that are relevant to you. It also allows you to see what’s trending among your peers and get notifications when your contacts are mentioned in the news.

ScienceDaily, a site that offers breaking news in the medical sciences and health; physical and technology; biology and the environment; and social sciences and business, is a great place to start when you’re looking for up-to-the-minute coverage of science. Stories are curated from hundreds of sources worldwide, including leading universities and scientific journals. The website is easy to navigate and has links to related news stories, scholarly journal articles, and other resources.

NPR Up First Podcast

If you’re a morning person and are looking for the latest headlines, you should check out this daily podcast from NPR. It airs five days a week, with journalists and experts breaking down complex topics into digestible chunks.

The New York Times, a newspaper that focuses on news and information in the New York area, is also a good option for a daily news fix. They’ve got a morning podcast called “Up First,” which runs in quick 15-minute segments and features journalists and experts from the paper.

CBS News, which broadcasts nightly news on the network, is also a great option for anyone looking for fast-paced, insightful news. Their weeknight program includes hour-long reports and half-hour updates during the weekends, all of which will be sure to keep you up-to-date on the most important news of the day.

PBS NewsHour Streaming and Audio

The PBS NewsHour has been broadcasting in audio form since 1971, and its weekday newscasts are often the first ones to break big news. Its weeknight program can be heard on most public radio stations, and the audio version of the show is available for download from iTunes.

Hometown Hero Award recipients

For a decade, the Daily News has honored a number of local heroes who go above and beyond to improve their communities. One such hero is NYPD Det. Tanya Duhaney, a detective who was nominated by two of her coworkers for her work transforming a local soup kitchen into a food bank that provided three million meals to 64,000 households last fiscal year.