What Is Technology?


Technology is the systematic application of knowledge in the creation of artifacts that serve practical purposes. It has many applications and is used in many fields. Here are a few examples: Computers, GPS devices, cell phones, and the Internet. Read on to learn more about technology. And don’t forget to share your thoughts on this topic with others.

Information technology

Information technology encompasses a wide range of products and services. It includes computers and computer peripherals, software, firmware, services, and related resources. However, it excludes equipment acquired incidentally in a Federal contract.


Computers are now widespread throughout our society and are used for a variety of tasks. There are a number of different careers involving computers. Computers are also interdependent devices, which means that they need to work together to exchange information. There are many different societies, clubs, and standards organizations dedicated to this topic.

Cell phones

As a technology that has been influencing our lives for over 40 years, cell phones have undergone a great deal of evolution. With each new update, the phones have grown to include more information and functionality. As a result, they have become an integral part of our daily lives.


Software is a technology that helps us do our work. It can be classified into two basic categories: in-house software developed within an organization, and software developed for broader markets by independent software vendors.

Audio and visual technology

The field of audio and visual technology covers a broad range of disciplines. This multidisciplinary conference aims to bring together researchers and academics working in different fields. It serves as a premier forum for practitioners and researchers to discuss the latest advances and challenges in audio and visual technology.

Manufacturing technology

Manufacturing technology includes many different techniques and tools that are used in the production of products and services. Examples of manufacturing techniques include metal casting, forging, welding, soldering, and brazing.