The Latest Online Gambling News


Gambling in the United States covers a wide variety of options, from poker to sports betting to casinos. It has also become increasingly popular in Europe and South America. In addition to being a leisure activity, it creates jobs and generates tax revenue. While many people perceive gambling as fun, it can be a serious concern for others.

Many states, including Nevada, allow gamblers to place bets on a range of sporting events. However, there are a number of states that are staunchly anti-gambling. Some have banned the industry altogether, while others have allowed it. Several have passed legislation that allows residents to wager on certain games online. Others are still awaiting regulation.

New Jersey leads the country in handle. The state has licensed nine sportsbooks and two are expected to open in the near future. They are all partnered with 888. A state lottery will offer a betting portal. There are also two tribal casinos that accept bets.

Hawaii has a very religious population. As such, it’s an unlikely target for the next phase of gambling regulation. However, the growing population makes it a possible target in the future. During the late 20th century, state-operated lotteries grew rapidly in Europe and the US.

Oregon had limited legality when it came to betting on sports. That changed when the Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992. PASPA was drafted before the Internet was developed. But it was designed to ensure that online betting would work in conjunction with federal anti-racketeering laws.

Currently, the US has 48 legal jurisdictions. Of these, twenty states permit residents to wager on sports on online poker sites. And several more are expected to consider allowing it in the near future.

Ohio’s governor approved a bill in 2021 to allow the state to offer sports betting. However, the bill was challenged in the legislature. In addition, the Senate is firmly against it. This is a factor that could delay the start of betting until the next legislative session.

New York is on the verge of legalizing online gambling. Until December 2022, there are no online casinos in the state. After that date, however, online sports betting is slated to go live.

California had two ballot proposals in 2018. One, Proposition 27, would allow for online gambling, while the other, Prop 26, would allow in-person sports betting at tribal casinos. Both failed to pass, but the voters may take a different approach in the 2020 election.

Interestingly, the state legislature in Mississippi has introduced a number of bills in recent years. In fact, a bill to legalize sports betting was included in a fantasy sports bill in 2017. Although it was voted down, the state has a deep-seated anti-gambling culture, which is a strong deterrent to future legislation.

Alabama, Colorado, Florida, and Louisiana provide a limited amount of options when it comes to internet gambling. Mississippi is one of the few Southern states that has a gaming industry.