Law New on July 1

law new

Law new refers to the idea of a legal practice that is based on a non-traditional model. This could include working with underserved communities, a different way of providing legal services or even a focus on business development and strategy that has not been part of traditional practice models. New law practices can be a great addition to any firm and should be considered as a way of generating revenue, expanding client services and focusing on growth.

A handful of laws take effect on July 1. These include recognition of Juneteenth as an official state holiday, a measure to help law enforcement officers identify and investigate child pornography and a change in the handling of criminal records.

AB 1667 would require bounty hunters to be licensed, insured and trained. It was inspired by the shooting death of a California family member by an illegal bounty hunter in 2021. The bill would also make teachers unable to be required to repay overpayments identified in audit reports of their pension systems.

City agencies that experience a data breach that involves personal information must promptly disclose the breach to affected persons and the City’s Chief Privacy Officer under this bill. It would also align the City’s breach notification law with requirements under New York’s SHIELD Act.

This bill would allow an employer to provide employees and job applicants with a notice regarding federal and state student loan forgiveness programs, as well as the ability to make certain changes to items displayed in stores. It would also create an exception to the item pricing requirement for retail stores with scanners available for consumer use. It would also repeal a subchapter in the Administrative Code that contains existing laws regulating third-party food delivery services.