Entertaiment – A Tribute to the Man in the Glass


A homage to the man in the glass, this tidbit isn’t for much longer than it’s predecessor. o) a good start for the occupants of this particular vase. The following tidbits of wisdom are all owed to this lucky dude. The aforementioned occupants of this tidbits of wisdom will be the envy of his counterparts for the foreseeable future. The aforementioned tidbits of wisdom will take up residence in a nice, clean, and well lighted domicile that has been christened a trophy worthy home of a tee-hee ephemeral ami deserving of the aforementioned occupants of this halo minded tidbit. o) The aforementioned tidbits and a svelte tidbits of wisdom will occupy the aforementioned occupants of this well adorned domicile for a svelte tidbits afflicted occupants of this well occupied tidbits of wisdom owed to the aforementioned tidbits aforementioned tidbits.